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About Us

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Archives and Special Collections (TUASC) is to identify, collect, organize, preserve, and provide access to information and materials documenting and supporting the history and research interests of , its constituents, and its supporting community.


Administrative Authority

TUASC is a component of Libraries and is under the administrative authority of the Dean of Libraries, Dr. Chris Shaffer. TUASC is managed by the University Archivist, who serves to promote the collection, preservation, and accessibility of records that retain significant and enduring administrative, educational, evidentiary, historical, legal, and/or research value.


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Organizational Structure

TUASC is composed of the University Archives (TUA) and the University Special Collections (TUSC). 


The University Archives

TUA is a repository of organized collections supporting the TUASC Mission and requiring special security and/or preservation measures due to fragility, value, rarity, or other unique  properties of the materials, or the information stored on or within such materials.


TUA currently maintains , with the most significant being Record Group 1, Records. These collections are represented in tangible and digital form, with many digital holdings published via the website.


The University Special Collections Library

TUSC is a repository of published materials that require special security and/or preservation measures due to the value, rarity, or unique properties of the materials, or the information stored on or within such materials. 


These unique holdings are discoverable through the library's online catalog and may be checked out for in-house (only) review. Interlibrary loans are considered for materials with acceptable library agreements for restricted in-house use. In some instances, a facsimile or digital copy will be provided to researchers in order to preserve the integrity and longevity of rare or fragile materials.


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Catalogs & Finding Aids

Special Collections

Special collection materials are cataloged using the Library of Congress Classification System. To locate publications, please visit the Library website for access to the online catalog. Some publications are still being processed and have not been cataloged. These holdings are primarily school publications. An index for these materials is available from the University Archivist.



Archival materials are organized into collections called record groups. Record groups are organized through the use of smaller groupings within the larger collection. These smaller groupings are referred to as a series or a sub-series. This hierarchical concept of grouped materials increases in granularity (or specificity) from a top-level general survey to a bottom-level detailed description. Documents called "Finding Aids" provide a descriptive summary of a record group and explain the hierarchy used in its organization. Finding aids allow researchers to quickly discover specific information relevant to their search needs. TUASC is currently processing all archival collections and finding aids will be published when this process is complete.


If you are unable to locate material in these collections, please contact the University Archivist for assistance. It is our pleasure to assist you.


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Recommended Procedure for Research at the University Archives

(1) Review online collection descriptions to locate materials of interest

(2) Review the TUASC Rules and Procedures

(3) Email the the University Archivist well in advance of your visit to confirm a date and time for your research.

(4) Submit a completed TUASC Registration Form to assist TUASC in meeting your research needs.


Walk-in requests will be serviced to the best of our ability, but advanced notice is preferred. Unprocessed collections require substantial time for retrieval, review, and preparation.


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Accessing Digital Materials

Many TUASC digital collections, such as the Palladium yearbook, school bulletins, back issues of newspapers, and audio/visual holdings are available via the . Additional material is being ingested regularly, so please visit often. For special requests that you would like to see available digitally, please contact the University Archivist. 


Copyright law and privacy restrictions prevent the digitization and distribution of some archival materials.


Useful Links

TUASC Rules and Procedures

TUASC Registration Form

TUASC Donor Gift Agreement

TUASC Records Transmittal Form


 Campus Library



The University Archives and Special Collections is located at 111 International Blvd., Wallace Hall, , Alabama, 36082.


Online Collection Guides and Inventories


Contact Us

University Archivist

Rodney C. Lawley
Wallace Hall, Room 215
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